Literacy is situated within the larger context of social needs such as housing, health care, and workforce development.

Literacy is the learning of knowledge, ideas, and strategies that unfold across the lifespan.

Education is a human right as stated in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Education is a civil right and is essential to fulfill the democratic principles on which our country was founded.

The promise of a literate citizenry is compromised if education is not fully funded across the lifespan.

The teacher is the primary agent of instruction, and every effort must be made to provide qualified literacy teachers for each classroom.

The primary purpose of assessment is to inform instruction.

The debate about education needs to accurately reflect the complexities of education, its importance across the lifespan, and the principle that a high-quality education is the right of all.

We Believe

Who We Are

The Literacy Roundtable is a coalition of literacy providers in the St. Louis Metropolitan area who:


  • Provide resources and support for learners and teachers

  • Coordinate and support literacy services

  • Build awareness of literacy issues in the community

  • Advocate for literacy at the local, state, and national levels


 To be a voting member of The Literacy Roundtable, you must:

  • Represent an organization that provides literacy services.

  • Attend a minimum of 7 Literacy Roundtable meetings annually, including 2 monthly organizational meetings and 1 sponsored event.

  • Participate in The Literacy Roundtable for at least 1 year prior to membership.

  • Pay $40 annual dues.

Contact us for more information about membership.